These are my thoughts and experiences of caring for someone with ALS

This is the post excerpt.

It will be vulnerable…

It will be raw…

It will not always be easy, but it will be worth it.

Please follow me as I write about living and dying with ALS.


2 thoughts on “These are my thoughts and experiences of caring for someone with ALS”

  1. Honey, I can’t believe how well you remembered. I never left your side, the entire time you were in the hospital. Just one night I went to the motel, leaving the night nurse , saying to her, please call my motel room should you wake up, and I’ll run back in. She no sooner called, I had just sat in the tub. When your dad said to me that you were awake screaming for me. I splashed my face got out of the tub, not even washing myself, after a few days of no bathing drying myself off, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and 15 minutes after the call, I was back at the hospital grabbing you out of that huge crib that you and I both slept in. The following morning the doctors came in, and said I could take you home within a few days of observation..
    What a final relief sigh, on our way home, with you in my lap, and me saying a prayer of thanks to God for healing your spine. Saying another prayer for me, that I can heal your face again with his took another couple of weeks to do that, working hard 3 times a day hot packs ,laying them on your face getting all that yellow puce like on your face off. And the finish touch was witch hazel, and vasiline and a hand made bandage,.
    After 4 weeks of working on your face, and you , so darn brave and good, having to drive you back to Missoula to the Dr . who specializes in damages to body’s.. He couldn’t beleve what he witnessed, your face was completely healed, filled in, asking me how I did that, I told the surgeon that I couldn’t do as he asked, I told him what I did and he was very impressed. Instead of having 3 to 4 surgery’s, it would only take one, to get a little asphalt and a small pebble out, but we would have to wait a while.. Like a few years.. The plastic surgeon told me how amazing my daughter’s face turned out.. The plastic surgeon also pointed out to another little girl, same age as Theresa, how she damaged her face almost as bad as you they removed as much as they could.. That mother and child came back, her little face healed horribly bad . that’s why I thanked God for your spine, and my hands, working on your face..


  2. You know as well as I , that what I really used in your face were herbal products that I made.. I just couldn’t tell the Dr every thing..


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